What Can I Do For You?

Get your book in tip-top shape, of course. Specifically, though, copy editing includes the following details:

In addition to copy editing, I look for anything that just doesn’t make sense. Is your main character vegan? Then why is she eating a cheeseburger in chapter 10? I actually read a published book where the character picked up a glass of tea and set down a glass of lemonade. Not on my watch!

How Does It Work?

You send me your manuscript in Word and I will return edits to you via Word’s Track Changes function. I will also provide you with a Style Sheet, which is a list of style choices specific to your manuscript. This includes spelling of character names, formatting guidelines, choice of spelling for words with more than one option, hyphenation, etc. Having a reference list helps ensure consistency throughout the book. It’s especially useful if you are planning to write a series.

Everything can be handled remotely. If you happen to live in San Jose, CA, I’d be happy to meet with you.


Dollar Sign


Rates range from $.017 per word to $.023 per word depending upon the level of editing required. Actual rate will be determined following a sample edit.

Free Sample Edit

I will edit a sample of 1,000 words for you at no charge. This helps me determine what level of editing your manuscript needs and estimate how long your project will take. This also gives you a sneak peek of what it will be like to work together. Win-win!